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Our 60-Day HCG Drops Diet

Every year when New Year’s Day rolls around, are you setting goals to lose weight in the coming year? Have you yet to see the results that you have been looking for. If so, you should give HCG drops a try. This liquid form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) works by alerting your brain to dispose of excess fat into your body’s bloodstream. All you have to do is take your HCG drops on a daily basis and follow a 500-calorie diet. Here is everything that you will receive when you purchase the 60-Day HCG Diet Program for $49.95:

  • 4-oz. of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops
  • HCG Diet Recipe Book (electronic copy)
  • HCG Weight Loss Diet Program Guidebook (electronic copy)
  • Approved Food Charts & Complete Diet Tracking Sheets (electronic copy)
  • "Pounds & Inches" by Dr. Simeons (electronic copy)

As you can see, you’ll get much more than 57 days maximum dosage of HCG diet drops when you choose to buy from Universal HCG. We provide you with all the tools that you will need to succeed as you experience weight loss with HCG drops. Our HCG Diet Recipe Book contains many delicious recipes that you can try as a part of the required diet limitations. With the HCG Weight Loss Diet Program Guidebook, we offer you instructions, tips, and charts that you can use in addition to “Pounds & Inches”, Dr. Simeons’ original manuscript. The HCG drops diet is so much easier and weight loss is much more effective when you accurately utilize these materials.

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60-Day HCG Diet Program (4 oz)
Our Price: $49.98

  • 4 oz of Homeopathic HCG
  • HCG Weight Loss Diet Program guidebook (electronic copy)
  • HCG Diet Recipe Book (electronic copy)
  • Dr. Simeons' "Pounds & Inches" book (electronic copy)
  • Complete Diet Tracking sheets and Approved Food charts (electronic copy)

    Our 60-Day Diet Program includes everything that you need to succeed. Included with this program is enough HCG drops for 57 days at the maximum dosage (Loading and Core Phases). Also included is our HCG Weight Loss Diet Program guidebook which contains easy to follow instructions, tips for success, helpful weight loss charts, approved food charts, and more. You will also receive our HCG Diet Recipe Book that makes following the diet easy and delicious. Finally, you will be sent an electronic copy of Dr Simeons' original manuscript 'Pounds & Inches" for your reference.

    Instructions on how to download the electronic copies of these books will be emailed to the email address that you enter when placing your order.